Monday, 2 September 2013

Why 2stroke traveller? How it all began

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Imagine this. NO REALLY actually try to imagine this in your head .

A short, stout, balding bawaji with a weird posture attributed to his pot belly and slip disc. Mali affectionately and rather accurately describes this neighbour of mine as PRINGLES. Right off the wafer box.

Pringles loved his bike. Loved it so much he would rather let it perish than spend on it. His slip disc prevented him from mounting the monster and firing her up. But he loved her. He’d oil her chains, he’d stroke the tyres gently to keep the bearings free. He’d do all that he could. Sadly, it just wasn’t enough.

Id honestly laugh and mock him. Blame him and label him the reason we are all called MAD BAWA’s. But unknowingly, that mad was still brewing inside off me.

The one started it all

One day PRINGLES and I crossed paths, he slouched near his rear tyre moving it as fast as he could with his right hand while his left supported his abnormal frame. I had to ask the reason behind the madness. He explained how his physical condition had led him to this mental behavior. He wasn't my favorite neighbor (still isn’t) but I had to offer my overly bulky calves to help him kick start that heap of metal.

Ding ding ding ding ding……. Oozed out from her twin pipes. Each ding hit me straight in my head and heart simultaneously. Before more could be said I knew I had to ride this thing once. Just once around the garden I thought. Pringles gave a nod of approval and I was off. Obviously the garden was too small so I went around it a few times. I couldn't get myself over it. The next day I found myself ringing his bell asking if he wanted to start her up. Day in and day out he would comply and I would ride. Soon I had the bikes keys. One garden turned to Five Gardens, Five Gardens to King Circle, King Circle to Worli.

Id pushed her and my luck too far. Snapped a rear suspension, chocked the carb with rust from the tank. She wouldn’t budge, not even splutter. I’d killed her. She needed attention, and PRINGLE was neither capable of riding her nor maintaining her. She was left for dead.

Delzeen, Varaz, Mali, Aazin got more than an earful of Yezdi this and Yezdi that. It was in my blood. I was having withdrawal symptoms. They listened patiently or just nodded at the words coming out of my head. What transpired between the 4 Ill never know. But they bought me one on my 21st bday. The best gift I had ever received. I know nothing in my life will ever better it. Im forever indebted to PRINGLES and 4 of my closest fools.
VADM I called her.(each an initial of the angels) Madam Vadm she became. The rest is history.  

Together we are 2stroketraveller.

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