Monday, 11 November 2013

Cramped kanyakumari

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While riding up from Khardung village to the pass the first sense of accomplishment began to dawn on me. But on my descend to Leh a sense of emptyness took over the euphoria of having ascended the worlds highest motorable road.
Now what? Whats next? Northern most. Check!! Time for southernmost.
Hence Madame V and me had made our way down to the tip of our country. Kanyakumari. Its a horrible mess. Not a shade on its northern counterpart. But that's my personal view. The moment my eye catches a 100 humans/ sq meter my interests start waining.
Vivekananda stood imposingly backing the rising sun. Been there done that too often maybe.

The only real fun of being there is knowing your there. No part of it feels different from anywhere. Mayb I should learn to curb my expectations.

None the less. The whole part of the trip was achieved. Vadm had gone as far as thebroad could take her. One sprocket change and we would be homeward bound.