Monday, 11 November 2013

Devastated Dhanushkodi

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1964 saw a major cyclone rip parallel along the East coast of India. A small 60 km land mass jutting out of the subcontinent into the Bay of Bengal was ravaged.
Dhanushkodi with its extinct population of over 20000 was left in a pile of sand and water.A train, the train tracks were taken away and never found. 

The old church and a few lone standing structures remind you that this present day ghost town was once a bustling economy. 

Driving over an ocean in a 4x4 Mahindra was quite an experience. Sadly Madam Vadm wasn't allowed past a certain point and we had to make peace with that.
There isn't much more to see or do there apart from a floating pumice stone, a sadhu with a few dreads to his credit and the farthest point of East India.

  You have to take the guides word for it when he says "that's Sri Lanka" and " that's ram setu"( ram built a bridge to Sri Lanka to rescue Sita then destroyed the bridge with an arrow. Arrow = dhanush.)

  The whole journey takes little over 2 hrs and almost all you physically see is sand and water. But its what lies beneath that counts. What you cant see but you know is and was there. It makes you wonder for days to come. 
Dhanushkodi demands an imagination. 
  Over the years the government tried to restructure the landscape but occasionally the sea washes in and presses the stop button. Now its left as is and generates revenue for the neighboring Rameshwaram.