Friday, 8 August 2014

Back to square one!!!

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7th August 2011, Madam Vadm and myself began our 13km long ride up from Khardung village. A small hamlet sitting at the base of the world's EX highest motorable pass.
Its over, everything Khardung la for, is now second best. All hail the mighty Marsimik La. Having dwarfed Ktop by a good 500 ft to be crowned the king of high altitude passes.
Ever since Vadm came into my life(2008) I dreamt of riding her upto Ktop. My dreams full of adventure and an undying spirit which said id push the bike to the top if I had to. But obviously, Vadm flew to Ktop without a hiccup. As if to say nothing can stop me biaatch!!!

But alas my darling,Shri Sonam Palzor, 1983 Everester, and commander in charge of Marsimik La has made sure we have another date with the world's highest motor able pass.
How, when and with who this happens is yet to be seen. Sleep under a starry canopy with a fresh chilly breeze and sweet smell of freedom. Campfires, grills, open bars and hours of irrelevant banter of the days ride, near misses and what we expect of the next day.

Aaahh my lovely Himalayas, ill be back!!!
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