Friday, 7 August 2015

Be Passionate

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"There is no passion to be found in living a life less than you are capable off"  
                                                                                                        ---- Late Mr. Mandela

  I once read this on FB, in one of those pictures with Nelson's photo and this quote, so now, I'm not sure if he really did say this. But I never had to save it or go back and read it, to remember it.

It related to me instantly,
I found my passion because I went ahead and bought my first set of Dirtsack saddle bags 5 years ago.
I found my passion because I packed those dam bags, loaded them onto the bike and rode off into the highest Himalayas there are.

  I went out and lived a life more than I thought I was ever capable off. In this, I found my passion, my passion to ride further, ride longer, ride cross country, and someday to ride overland.

   In all this riding, Id get lonely and write. Write about my day past, my planned route ahead (which often never works out), people I met, food I ate, things I saw, how the bike behaved, is behaving and how I plan on fixing whatever it is that is broken. (something  minor always is).

   At times one activity unearths another, awakens a dormant interest or just plain opens up horizons we didn't ever bother to explore. Stop the excuses, there's always two sides to a coin, for once don't be afraid, for once go do whatever it is that you've always wanted to.
You're work, life and further excuses will await you when you return.
Sow the seed, ignite the passion.