Monday, 10 August 2015

Why The Y?

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Here's why.
I've always maintained that the Yezdi isn't just a bike, its an experience you need to live, feel and have run in your system.

Sure she's got 2 wheels, 2 brakes, an engine, a chassis. But she's also got a personality and at times I feel she senses my fears and anxieties.
Under my breath, in my helmet, I find myself begging her not to play me.

The sun was setting over a long 450km day on NH 6, just past the Jharkhand border I had entered into Chattisgarh. Riding on the stretch that passes through the Sambalpur Sanctuary my mind drew attention to each person standing on the roadside and labelled them a Naxal. My mind began running me through a kidnapping and ransom extortion bid. How much would they ask for? Would dad actually pay?  All the time praying that Vadm wouldn't throw one of her surprise tantrums at me.

I threw the throttle open to distract myself from thinking and focused on riding. Vadm surged ahead, feeling tighter on the braking, firmer through the corners. She was flying, she knew, and she delivered me to a quaint little populated dhaba with a bonfire blazing, cutting chai on tap and  hot chapatis cooking.

I know she's an inanimate object and cant actually feel what I'm feeling, cant perform better just cause I am worried, cant know potential danger is lurking. But, I still feel that she does, I still see her as my only companion and depend wholly and solely on her and her performance to get me where I want to.Especially as the dying sun is out. She inevitably becomes my only solace through my mad routes and on certain days unrealistic route schedules. She's always there for me. Well, almost always!!!!

This connection I have with her, makes me make up her personality in my head. Much like a troubled, introvert and his invisible friends.