Wednesday, 2 September 2015


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Daily, do one things that scares you ------Hubert Kriegel

Looking to ride a 30 yr old through each state in India surely changed me. Its taught me to question the "what if" a lot more.

  A long distance ride is very similar to our lives I feel.
You start out with energy and enthusiasm, the long open road and wonderfully tuned, well synced bike. The throttle is responsive, the brakes have bite and your overflowing with adrenaline. Much like our early teenage/school days, life was carefree, we ran wild and free most of the day apart from a set routine to be followed.

As considerable time passes the engine lubrication looses tenacity, the drive chain slackens, the clutch wire has a few gear changes remaining. A fair amount of attention needs to be paid to restore order and bring back that initial snap the throttle had. Much like going to college. Filling forms, running pillar to post in order to get back a daily routine. You don't much like the ground work, but you know its essential for you if you want to continue on your journey of life. You've never tightened a chain before, you haven't filled college form before. You'll learn, you'll repeat, you'll master.

The long, sun baked highways are giving way to inclines and cooler climates. Greenery is becoming the scenery. You feel yourself fitting "in", your pants are low enough, the mobile is running the latest OS, the shoes aren't even available yet in India and you've managed to hook a pretty girl to call your own.
Your at an all time high, first experiences make you giggle like a girl and you know you can do this forever.

But the lubrication will becomes viscous, the chain will slacken and you will have to fine tune things to keep them the way they were.

Biking has not taught me any new values, it has not actually made me better or smarter person. It's made me apply everything I've been taught in school/college, at home, at the playground. It's helped me discover that I am infact a very capable person, more capable than I ever thought myself to be. It makes me feel accomplished and invincible. Ready to take on any challenges work and life throw at me. It has showed me that I can and I will get myself through any amount of hardship and come out on the other side with a smile.

It has given me a confidence like nothing ever has. And for that I will always be truly grateful to all the people who stood by me and let me be me.

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