Friday, 11 September 2015

Mumbai Myanmar Mumbai

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Two quotes that have always had my attention for being different, but still being the same

"A mind full of fear, has no space to dream."

"If your dream's don't scare you, they aren't big enough."

If your mind's full of fear, there's no more space for the dream to be bigger. If it's not big enough to scare you, you're already scared and you won't dream bigger. Phew!

Big, is a subjective word. Especially when used hypothetically and not physically. Physically big is big, its there for you to see and compare.

But when it comes to dreams the sky is not even the limit. The sky may just be a distant part of the earth as seen from space.

2011, Ambala - Leh - Mumbai (4500km), The first "big" ride.
When I reached the world's highest motor-able road, I dreamt of Kanyakumari, end of India, the Southern most tip and riding through each state border.

2012, Silliguri - Bhutan - Mumbai,(6000km) This route came to me by chance and virtue of knowing some amazing riders. They didn't end up joining me for the trip is a whole different story. But, the first night in Bhutan I spent drinking away, I dreamt of crossing every single permitted land border crossing India has.

2013, I lived out my 2011 dream of Mumbai Kanyakumari Mumbai (7800km) and took Vadm to India's southernmost. Down India's east coast and up the west.

2014, a cousin's wedding and a road trip to the Australian outback saw me take a riding sabbatical.

2015, married now and with an amazing woman by my side and the love and support of my family I make my dreams bigger, more adventurous, and most importantly scary as hell.

Mumbai - Myanmar - Mumbai (10000 km) will see me finish off each state of India, stand at the China border and ride to Tamu,Myanmar

Just writing this has elevated my heartbeat and my soul is already hovering over the saddle waiting for my physical form to pack up and leave.

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