Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Credit Roll

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There's a lot I want to write about now that I'm back. I'll slowly get to it all.

But, one thing just couldn't wait. A big shout out to my entire support system.

My mum, dad and sister for bearing me for 29 yrs. For always giving me more than I ever needed. For letting me be me and putting my wants before their needs. Their endless support I won't ever be able to repay. 

Delzeen Mirza, my wife, my life and the world's greatest life partner.
We've been together for 10 yrs and married for only 6 months. ALL the girls I know have told me they would NEVER let their guys do something like this. Especially just after marriage.
She never stood in my way, she knew my heart was in this and I am this person.
She didn't try to change me, she instead jumped out of her comfort zone and accompanied me and is the best pillion I'll ever ride with. I am truly blessed to have her by my side. It was tough for us no doubt, but our relationship prevailed over the distance and time.
I'm glad to say that I made a wise choice snagging her when she was available.

Honey Saxena, this man defines biking brotherhood. Sent me very very essential brake parts from Delhi to Silliguri on express courier basis. That was a very crucial link in the success of this trip. When asked how much I owed him, when I'm in Mumbai and I buy parts from him its business but on this trip, all he asked for in return was a successful completion. 

Dirtsack, for their amazeballs waterproofing has kept me warm and dry at nights I would have frozen. My gonads thank you guys! It was truly flattering to have been associated with them and represent them. To have them talk about me in such kind ways is truly heartwarming. Thanks guys, keep the products rolling!!!

The whole biking community, my friends, all the people who started following me on social media, the countless well wishers, the people who said I inspired them!!!! I was just out to ride and fulfill my hearts wants and instead I have come back to a whole world of appreciation, love and respect.

It went so far, that this dude told me he didn't sell his Yezdi because he now see's potential in the bike!!! This truly made my day. 

Thank you 
Onward to bigger, better routes and more countries!!!!

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