Monday, 14 December 2015

Mumbai to Myanmar:Day 15

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I cant believe its already been a fortnight. I cant also believe I have also had to change 2 tires and brake set already!!!

Time sure does fly when your having fun. Vadm is handling and moving really well. I have no complaints thus far!

Set out from Mumbai on 18th Sept 2015 and stopped over at the marvellous sex temples of Khajuraho

Had to skip the sound and light show as a freak thunderstorm played havoc around town, The afternoon temp was at 40 Celsius and it seems it hasnt rained in 6 months. Talk about bad timing and tough luck!

Moved onward to the world's oldest continually occupied city, Banaras / Varanasi. It located along the banks of the holy Ganges.

Went out for a walking tour followed by beer! Awoke at 4 30 am to catch the 5 am Ganga aarti. then packed and sped off to Bagdogra to collect Delzeen

Sikkim has been stunning. I"ll definitely be back here for more. Sadly the plan of going to the furthest North Western reaches of Sikkim didn't pan out. The mighty Kanchendzonga took my breath away.

Rinchenpong is a picture perfect town. Slow and sleepy. perfect for a rest day. Darjeeling has grown into an economic hub. It caters to tourist's with the general fervour that progress brings to any location. It grow on you and you need to dwell into the old Colonial charm to really get an essence of where Darjeeling began. The tea cafe, the retro urban pubs, a very heavy mark left by the British raj on the infrastructure and the highly fashionable youth are a great mix.

The UNESCO heritage toy train took my breath away. a 100 yr old steam engine, fueled by coal and water. It's an old, oil spewing, smoky, loud beats of an engine. Much like my beloved Vadm!!!

Delzeen caught her flight out and I'm preparing for the long ride upto Tawang. Hope Vadm has no more surprises for me!!

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