Wednesday, 24 February 2016

India Bike Week

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I lost my phone this weekend, but gained so much more.
The whole India Bike Week experience has been great. Shared stage time with Deepak Kamath and spoke of 2 strokes as touring machines. Basically we just sang praises of the Yezdi. but you can't blame us, its one heck of a machine!!!!!!
Met such accomplished, yet humble fellows and had more than my share of "fans" come up to me, congratulate me, encourage me and some went as far as to thank me for inspiring them.

And, that's the whole point of 2stroketraveller, Ride To Inspire.
Also, there was beer, lots and lots of King's beer, calamari, fish platters and bibinca!!!!
Go out and chase your dreams, you're not getting any younger than when you began dreaming of it.

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