Thursday, 7 April 2016


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Mmmyyy prreciousss.
The world’s moving quicker than we are realising. Wake up and stop editing !!!!

In 2011 when I first rode into the majestic Himalayas I was awestruck at what I saw. I couldn’t believe what was lying a mere 2200km from Mumbai. It flipped my world on its head. It left me clueless and speechless. How can I explain what I’d seen and experienced? I’m being cocky now by saying I was an amateur photographer!!!!

In 2012, Bhutan blew my socks off. Now I was seriously feeling sorry for everyone. Everyone stuck in Mumbai with their “responsibilities” and excuses. I had to awaken them to the fact that there was a more natural beauty than the hills of Lonavala. I never ended up sifting through the 25 odd GB I had gathered. It just seemed like too much work!!!

2013 and 2014 were no different, I came back having explored half our country and the Australian Outback but I just could not explain the sheer wonderfulness that lay out there.

All my trips ended with a Facebook album with 75 pictures and some shoddy attempt at explaining the picture. I would spend hours with friends drinking beer and blabbering constantly. I found myself struggling to draw their attention. I had become one of those people, who spoke endlessly about his trip. But in all fairness, I was just trying to render them to a new world through my eyes.
On all my trips I carried some form of recording apparatus. Point and shoot cameras, 18x zoom lenses, DSLR with Hd video recording and the infamous GoPro!!!!
Memory cards filling up and fuel tanks were emptying. Back home, Windows Movie Maker, my stunted knowledge, 100 GB of recordings and my nonexistent patience level to keep starring at a laptop screen ensured that id fail in doing anything constructive.

2015, I needed a whole dam production house backing me to churn out the Mumbai Myanmar Mumbai video!!!! I kept daily logs and gathered over 150 GB of video, stills, time lapse footage. If it were left up to me to edit, I would have broken the memory cards out of frustration by now!!!! But next time I wont be needing no people backing me or helping me out. Ill be camera man and the FRODO an entire fucking production house on my wrist!!!

NexGear has the solution. A camera + your own personal editor. The FRODO.
Much like the Hobbit, it’s small, understated and you will need to take it to the edge of the world so it can create you your very own action video.

The FRODO has been developed by guys from IIT Bombay. Guys that started India’s first drone company. Their high performance man-portable UAVs have been widely used for homeland security, border security, anti-terrorist operations, and disaster management in India.

Their pedigree is enough for me to know that this is going to be a market first. It’s begun a new line of wearable action cameras. It’s certainly something the fast paced, instant gratification world we have entered into needs. It’s going to break the monotony of the cheap and highly accessible action camera market.

The FRODO is releasing!!!! Are you looking at Baggins one soon?  (excuse the bad puns)

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