Saturday, 16 July 2016

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I haven’t written in awhile. That’s possibly because I haven’t ridden in awhile. I mean, I’ve ridden. Just not ridden, ridden. Last I rode somewhat long was for the Wrangler True Wanderer ride.  A 1300 km run on a 110cc automatic, 4 stroke!!!

I’ve grown to love this. The 2stroketraveller vouches for a 4 stroke automatic. Yes the days of maturity are upon me. I enjoy comforts, push button starts, electronic ignition and sturdy brakes. I enjoy not having to dirty my hands or worrying if the engine is becoming too hot, or whether the oil I’m about to use will seize my engine.

I was rather looking forward to a free 800cc twin exhaust bike. But I guess I wasn’t True Wanderer material enough to win it. So I’m back to all those deliberating thoughts I always had. My angst with all the motorcycle companies that won’t release a bike I like or would buy. My sorry excuses for not wanting to spend money on what’s already available in the market cause it’s not good enough for me.

Now I see my hypocrisy playing itself out in my head. I always say #RIDETOINSPIRE , I always say ride what you got, go where you want to, its more about your grit and determination that the actual machine. So then anything is good enough and I shouldn’t be looking to upgrade or I should just upgrade to what’s available in my budget. Maybe this only makes sense to me in my head!! 

Frankly speaking, 1 disc brake is better than none. Electronic ignitions are better than having to change 5 sets of burnt out contact breakers every 10,000 km. Getting 35+ km/ltr, without the use of 50ml 2T oil per litre is surely beneficial to the environment and my wallet.
But then I think, I already have a bike that did so much, why not continue as is. Why not keep the equation same? Why look for greener pastures, when yours is already reaping more fruit than the neighbor’s?

So what’s my point? Why am I rambling? I want to continue riding the Yezdi, but I also want a new, modern, safer, more economical machine.

I feel the need to go longer each time. The need to push myself and bike further than the last. Neither of us is getting any younger.  But we’re just as foolish as we were before.

This rambling is not over. The deliberations are not over. Madam Vadm’s time on the never ending highways is also not over. 

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