Friday, 5 August 2016

Come, ride with me!!

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Some would call it luck. Some call it being born on a silver platter with a golden spoon shoved up my arse!!

I call it being an opportunist. In my books, luck only presents itself. Gives you a chance. A chance to do and achieve something, someone maybe hasn’t. Luck doesn’t guarantee a sure shot outcome. It doesn’t instantaneously give you rewards. You can’t reap what you don’t sow!!!

So this year, I'd like for you to come along with Kipepeo and me. Explore North East India, explore your inner adventure junkie. Push your limits as a biker and feel a sense of accomplishment you might never have!!

Piran lives just around the block from me. Well his house is located there. He lives half his life in some magical areas of India. When he is here, it’s only to plan to be there again. ASAP!!!

Kipepeo was started by Piran in 2010. From humble beginnings the portfolio has expanded to Assamese food trails, hikes through Rhododendron filled forests, Nagamese tribal treks.
They are all very much a shade off the normal routine treks. His trips will open your world up to a far less explored and publicized part of India.

Before I set out to ride thru the NE and into Myanmar, I chewed Piran’s brains off. His advice was spot on. He said I was out to explore too much in too little time. And I was away for 45 days!!! He has spent an entire lifetime there and says he hasn’t gotten his fill.

So now with his immense knowledge of the NE, its tribes, its culture, its scenic beauty and the must visit places and the knowledge I have acquired of riding the higher Himalayas, we bring to you Kipepeo’s first Motorbike trip thru western Arunachal Pradesh.

Come, break the mundane. take a leap of faith. I assure you, you wont be disappointed.

Feel free to call me on +91-9833930575 for any thoughts you may have.

                                   THIS AWAITS YOU!!

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